Maxine has been brilliant helping with managing my back pain from arthritis all down my spine. I’m only in my thirties, and know that this will get worse over time, but with monthly visits to stay on top of the pain, she has helped enormously with keeping me mobile and helping to keep the serious discomfort at bay.

Everyday I experience pain due to an old car crash injury, which is a constant level 3 out of 10, but I just got used to that over the years. However since visiting Maxine regularly, it’s been more of a level 1 most days, which is just wonderful and the flare ups when I find it tricky to move easily are fewer and far between. I cannot recommend Maxine enough. Her inviting studio in her garden instantly relaxes and she is so lovely and welcoming. I’m thrilled to have found something that helps, but reflexology certainly seems to have done that.



I had a full body aromatherapy massage which was bought for me by my girlfriends mum for Christmas. I had never had a full body massage before so was naturally a bit nervous. Maxine put me straight ease and made me feel very comftable. The massage itself was amazing! Thanks to the combination of Maxine and the beautiful oils (which she makes herself) I came out feeling completely relaxed and re-energised!


I’ve been coming to Maxine for over six months now. I first looked her up when I became ill with glandular fever which developed into post-viral fatigue. Due to a low immune system I then picked up an intense sinus infection which developed into long-term symptoms lasting over eighteen months.


I went to Maxine for a pregnancy massage, and it was the best massage I have ever had. The whole atmosphere down to the setting, the music, the smell, and the oils were perfect. Maxine was lovely and caring and brilliant at massage. I have never felt so relaxed and felt so positive afterwards. Would recommend to anyone.


Thanks so much for my massage yesterday. It was a real treat!

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Through Maxine’s help with her lymphatic drainage my legs and feet have been so much better, the ankles are more flexible and the swelling has improved so much I feel better and can move around and walk further than before, even standing to iron.

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