Maxine has been brilliant helping with managing my back pain from arthritis all down my spine. I’m only in my thirties, and know that this will get worse over time, but with monthly visits to stay on top of the pain, she has helped enormously with keeping me mobile and helping to keep the serious discomfort at bay.

Everyday I experience pain due to an old car crash injury, which is a constant level 3 out of 10, but I just got used to that over the years. However since visiting Maxine regularly, it’s been more of a level 1 most days, which is just wonderful and the flare ups when I find it tricky to move easily are fewer and far between. I cannot recommend Maxine enough. Her inviting studio in her garden instantly relaxes and she is so lovely and welcoming. I’m thrilled to have found something that helps, but reflexology certainly seems to have done that.