I have been visiting Maxine for many months now and have had various different treatments. Maxine is very friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. She encourages feedback to enable her to improve her services.

I began with reflexology which I have had before with several different therapists but I found Maxine to be more in tune with my needs. She instantly makes you feel comfortable and I always leave feeling relaxed and more balanced emotionally.

I have also enjoyed the face massage which is incredibly relaxing and leaves my skin glowing.

Lastly, I have had angel reiki with Maxine, and now crystal reiki. She always explains in-depth and clearly what she will be doing and make sure you are comfortable with it.
Again I have had reiki with other practitioners but find Maxine to be more in tune with my needs. She listens carefully to your needs and feedback so she can tailor each treatment to suit you personally.

Having been presented with some challenging, stressful situations over the last year I can honestly say that Maxine has greatly helped me deal with them better and keep me more balanced and happy and healthy!

I now try to arrange appointments at regular intervals- the same as I would if I was having my nails done or going to the hairdresser. It is better to be proactive than reactive.

She doesn’t claim to work miracles but I think everyone should have a Maxine!!